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City Palace

This grand palace complex of Jaipur houses some of the most beautiful palaces exhibiting the excellent examples of architecture. The harmony between different schools of architecture is highly appreciable and compels one to deeply admire the skilled artisans and craftsmen of that goneby era. Each style is exqusitively exhibited and seamlessly blends with the other schools of architecure without disrupting the harmony of the whole picture, and that is a feat none other than an artisan of highest standards can achieve. 
Once the place proudly served as a residence of His Majesty The King, the head of Kachwaha Rajput Clan, The sovereign King of Jaipur. Till today a large part of the establishment is occupied by the royal descendents. City Palace is also famous for its well perserved artefacts belonging to royal era that can give you a peep into the daily life of those days.
The palace was initially built by the legendaru King and founder of Jaipur, Sawai Raja Jai Singh. The building was renovated by subsequent rulers who also added many new buildings in the complex representing various architecture styles. 
The architectural excellence and excellent planning of the complex is attributed to 2 towering figires of their time: Chief architect Vidyasagar and Sir Jacob Sameuel. Apart from that the keen interest of Sawai Jaisingh and his excellent knowledge about various architecural attribites of different schools also helped. One can find here the excellent architectural works of Rajput, Mughal and European styles.

Entrance Gates
The richly decorated gates proudly stands to welcome the visitors: Udai Pol, Virendra Pol and Tripolia Gate. Out of whoch the last one is reserved for Royal Descendents only. The exquisitively decorated gateways exhibit the best artistic skills of the expert craftsmen. 
Mubarak Mahal
As you will enter from the Vrendra Pol, the first building youwill encounter is Mubarak Mahal. uilt in 1975 century as a reception hall, the building presents the perfect blend of 3 distinct schools of architecture: Rajput, Mughal and European: A reflection of political and strategic inclination of Rajput Rulers. It shows the intense architectural knowledge and deep understanding of Raja Madho Singh II who built the palace. Once used to welcome the royal guests and family, the palace now serves as a museum showcasing various artefacts and attires of the Royal Era. Sanganeri Block Print, Different Royal costumes to suit various occassions: sports, war, leisure, nightwear is also displayed here. The richly emroidered shawls with intricate designs, Silk Saris and Kashmiri Pashmina give a perfect insight into the royal wardrobe. But the most noteworthy among all are the sets of "sprawling clothes" worn by Mahraja Madho Singh I who was 250 KG in weight and 3.9 feet wide. One literally has to go round several steps to be able to see the clothes properly.
Chandra Mahal
Chandra Mahal is perhaps the most popular building of the complex. The aesthetically refined seven storyed building also has a prominence as the residence of the present royal family of Jaipur. All the seven storeys have been given a specific name. The walls are decorated with floral designs and mirror work is simply amazing. The ground floor is the only portion of the palace that is open to the public. It houses a museum exhibiting various artefacts, paintings and manuscripts related to the erstwhile royal family. A beautiful Peacock gate welcomes the visitors of the Mahal while the screened balconies and a paviliion at the roof offers the bird's eye view of the city. A well planned garden and a turquoise lake further enhance aesthetics of the place with their scenic natural beauty. 
Sukh Niwas
Bathed in the Royal Blue color. The grand dining and drawaing rooms with exquisite architecture and tastefully decorated leave the visitors spellbound. The mughal miniatures, Silver and glass lining reflect the height of 
luxury enjoyed by erstwhile Royal Families. The palace is aptly named Sukh Niwas meaning The palace of Comfort. The soothing colors and interiors perefctly justifies the name as you will find an intense soothing effect as soon as you step in. 
Shobha Niwas: Hall of Beauty as translated in English, this building is situated on the 4th floor and is a perfect example of aesthetics. The walls are beautifully decorated with mirror work presenting the changing hues giving a phantasmagorical effect. The blue tiles with intricate decoration of Mica and Gold Leaf add further glory to the whole picture. 
Chhavi Niwas: Walking on the blue colored floor of this place is an experience to savour. The place served as the retreat for Mahraja during rains  and peaceful ambience of the place gives a blissful exprience. 
The flag on the Top of ChandraMahal is a unique symbol of erstwhile Rajput Kings. The one and quarter sized flag is unfurled when the Mahraja is at his residence and when he is away the flag is replaced by quen's flag. There is an interesting story attached to the "One and a Half qurter" size of the flag. It represents "Sawai" means "One and the Half". Legend is that when the Founder Mahraja of Jaipur Jaisingh II was getting married, the emperor Aurangzeb was also invited as a guest. He, according to their prevalent customs, shaked hands with the bridegroom to congratulate him. However, the gesture is interpreted differently in Rajput Customs. The clever bridegroom told the emperor that shaking hands made it incumbent on the emperor to protect him (Jai Singh) and his kingdom. The emperor was impressed by the cleverness, bravery and straightforwardness of the Raja and conferred him the title of "Sawai" means "One and the Half". That means the King's acumen and worth was estimated to be more than a single human being. Hence the "Sawai" became a title of the subsequent kings and the same was represented by the size of the royal flag too.
Pritam Niwas Chowk
This inner courtyard is the access point to the Chandra Mahal. The four smal gates here are well decorated representing the four seasons of India as well as various gods. Each gate is aptly decorated. The Northeast Peacock gate represents autumn is decorated with the beautiful motifs of Peacock that is considered as the bird of autumn. It is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.  The summer is represented by the Southwest Lotis gate and is exiquisitely decorated with continual flower and petal pattern and is dedicated to Lor Shiva-Parvati, The Northwest gate is colored in green, rpresents spring and dedicated to Lor Ganesha while The winter is represented with the Rose gate with repeated flower patternand is dedicated to Goddess.

Diwan I Khas
The exclusive hall for "Noble Class" as the term loosely translates to is a place where luxury manifests itself in a most natural way. Here you can see the World's largest sterling silver vessels measuring 5.2 fet high and a whopping 340 KG in weight. Apart from the size, another unique characteristics that will make you gape in surprise is that the wole vessel was made without any soldering and in the process 14000 melted silver coins were used. The story behind the vessels too is equally interesting. It so happened that Mahraja Madho SIngh II, a religious Hindu, was also equally ineterested in western thoughts and philosphy too. So, he finally decided to visit England in 1901 on the ocassion of coronation of Edward VII. But he dod not wish to drink English Water and hence needed some Ganga jal or the water of Ganges for consumption while stay at England. That's how these 2 vessels were made especially to store the pure water of Ganges. Of course, there are many more collectibles and artefacts to see in the Diwan I Khaas.
Diwan i Aam
This beautiful establishment with Red and Gold colored ceilings was used as public audience but now has been transformed to an art gallery showcasing some of the best paintings, manuscripts, embroidered rugs etc. A unique sense of "affinity to royalty" dawns on us as soon as we step in. The mind is enticed into thinking as if the royal people along with His Majesty are still present in the building. The paintings show the pinnacle of artistic excellence. While the architecture make a distinct place in your heart. The Golden Throne also called Takht-e-Rawal) that one can see in the art gallery is the seat of Mahraja while attending public audience. The same seat was either mounted on elephants or carried by palanquin bearers whenever Mahraja went out of the palace. 
Mahrani Palace
As the name suggests it was the residence of queens during royal time but now is converted to a museum displaying mainly weapons. Some unique weapons are  worth mentioning like scisssor action dragger with its "diembowelling function, pistols attached swords, guns hidden in walking sticks and much more.
Bhaggi Khana
Here you can find various old palanquins carriages and "indianised" European cabs. But the most notable among all is Victoria Bhaggi that was presented by the Prince of Wales in 1876 to the erstwhileMahraja of JaipurApart from Mahrajas's palanquins and bhaggis, there are some othr bhuggies that were used by proests during rekigious processions.
Gobind Dev Ji Tmple
Dedicated to one of the most reverred figure of Indian religion, Krishna, the temple is the best example of spirituality. The indian art paintings and european chandeliers, the "Palace of God" looks just perfect. The grand temple is the best exanmple if architectural excellence

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Unsuccessful Star Kids

Being a star kid had an immense vaue in the bollywood. It was like a license to enter the "Tinsel Town" without any struggle. The same thing is true to some extent till today.
Having said that, being a star kid can certainly help you with the "extra push" while entering, but it is not a guarantee of your success. 
Want to contend? Here are few examples:

Jacky Bhagnani
The actor was not received well with his first movie rolling down the aisles of box office. He tried though and his second movie did quite well on box office window. Even critics were a little sanguine about his imminent success in the industry. But then there was a lull. A void. No movies, no parties, no news. So it seems that it will still take some time before fortune smiles at him. As of now he is standing on the verge of oblivion.

"Acting runs in her blood" would not be an exaggeration, at least speaking biologically. Her grandmother, mother aunt and sister all have been strong pillars of the industry. But despite of all this, Tanisha failed on the box office. Her first movie with Udai Chopra projected her as a "loud showpiece" that rather turned off the audience instead of attracting them. She did everything in the movie, except acting. So reluctant was she that after earning her "Petty Cash" for the first movie she seems to have scampered away right on the last day on the sets, never to return back.

Zayed Khan
Zayed was another person from whom there was certain expectations especially looking at his work in movies like "Mai hoo na" and "Dus". Agreed he could not act, but he had certain X factor. Besides his looks too are good. He reportedly attended some acting schools in London too but still seems to be perfecting his skills before coming again in limelight. Another Mr. "Perfect Khan"?

Luv Sinha
Please do not tell that you don't know him, at least as an actor? Yes, that is true. He did a movie once upon a time. But the movie was so unimpressive that it did not collect the ROI, talk less of profits. The timid actor became more timid before finally slipping into an unknown world far from bollywood. 

Sikandar Kher

He is another star lad whose entry in the bollywood was not highly celebrated. Son of veteran actors anupam kher and kiron kher, Sikandar was not even moved a bit by his failure and did a few "light struggles" with some not so big banners before saying bye bye to the industry. Though he does sometimes try to satisfy hos "creative pangs(?)" that is not too often.

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The collection of articles on travel and lifestyle: Kasauni: Find the Full Bliss

The collection of articles on travel and lifestyle: Kasauni: Find the Full Bliss: Situated at 53 KM from Almora district Kausani is one of the less known, nevertheless equally beautiful hill stations of india. Its original...

Japan: A few places not to be missed

There are many countries that are the beacons of modernism: technological developments, latest lifestyle, skyscrapers and ultra modern people they have it all. Visiting such places can be a futuristic experience. Then there are others that seem to have refused to pace with the time several centuries back to preserve the goodness of old times. They can instantly transport you to the era gone by and everything associated with it.  Rare are those that combine the heritage of the past and the developments of modernism. Japan, certainly, is one among them.
The past heritage and modern lifestyle live together here in a peaceful harmony. Its skyscrapers and ultra modern technology with unbelievable inventions can remind you of star wars while well preserved heritage sites, forts and palaces can give you a perfect glimpse of medieval lifestyle. Well, that’s an understatement. These beautiful sites can actually make you feel or even “live” the medieval lifestyle.  
Japan is a beautiful country with scenic nature, great historical monuments, friendly people and some great masterpieces of art. Though counted among the most technologically advanced countries of the world, it is equally traditional at the same time. Japanese are proud of their glorious past and that is evident from well managed historical monuments and rich, well-curated museums. The old-world heritage sites peacefully co-exist with new world skyscrapers. Heritage of the past peacefully co-exists here with the modern world technology.

Hiroshima Peace Park
The Hiroshima Peace Museum is built as a tribute to the Hiroshima Bomb Blast. The site highlights the negative result of human violence and carries a subtle message on the importance of non-violence. A single glance there can move even the brutes into sensitive beings. 

JigoKudani Monkey Park
If you are expecting a lush green garden with pleasant ambience where your regular happy-go-lucky monkeys will be perching on trees waiting for you to feed them a banana or two, you might be in for a big surprise. Neither the park nor the dwellers here can be called “usual”.
The conditions of the park are quite intimidating with hot boiling water coming out from the frozen ground. The steep cliffs and cold, dense forests inhabiting a variety of formidable animals surround the place. The formidable place converts into a visiting place during winters when the unique resident of the surrounding area, "wild snow monkeys" with red face and white hairy body leave the steep cliffs and comes down to the park to enjoy some moments in hot water warding away the cold-blues. A large number of monkeys gather in the park and sit in the hot water cuddling together.

KiyoMizu Dera
This peaceful Buddhist temple has unique characteristics to instantly transfer you to the paradise of peace. The whole atmosphere here is very spiritual. It seemed that the rules of non-violence were strictly followed while constructing the temple. The legend is that not even a unique nail was used in the construction. There is an indoor waterfall that was fed from outdoor river. The history of the temple spans many centuries. It is believed to be erected during last few years of 8th century. The artwork and shrines further satiates the artistic cravings.

The Himeji castle
This castle is one of the best examples of architecture. Sturdy exteriors perfectly guard the interiors with great artistic value. The architecture of the fort is exemplary and calling it a masterpiece would not be an exaggeration. The sturdy walls of the fort even survived the world war second bombings. The fort was built and rebuilt throughout the centuries and thus reflects the architecture of different periods and clans. The best thing is that different schools of architecture exist in harmony here with each one complimenting and seamlessly blending with the other. The building from far gives a look similar to a bird about to take flight.

Great Buddha of KamaKura
Thus is the great idol of Amida Buddha that is considered one of the Japan's most celebrated and revered Buddhist figures. This bronze idol is huge in size, 13 meters to be accurate. The weight is around 93 tones. Originally it was placed in a small temple made of wood but about 5 centuries back a tsunami blew away the temple. So now the Idol stands in the open air with the whole world acting as its temple and the vast sky, its roof. Looking at the peaceful face with calm countenance has an instant meditative effect. The idol is a great example of art with every minute detail perfected by phenomenal craftsmanship; be it the eye lashes or the wrinkles of Buddha's robe.

Superheroes: The Real One

You have seen them on Big Screen fighting off bad guys, saving the innocent people and challenging the human limits. They can spin web, fly at jet speed, pulverize the stones and break the iron with their sheer will. They are no ordinary mortals. They are Superheroes.
These Superheroes have something that attracts every human being: be it old or young, man or woman, rich or poor, alike. The only thing that disappoints Superhero’s fans is that, well, these gigantic, extraordinary characters only exist in fiction. But here's good news for all! These heart winning characters exist in Real World too! Yes you hear it right: Now you can meet a Batman in Japan, see a bone-and-flesh Spiderman in Manchester and encounter a Superhero in Learwater, FL. Read on!

This real life Spiderman lives in Birmingham and share the superhero's objective of "Bringing the smiles" on people's face and "helping the needy", although in his own ways. A bar-worker in his 20's this superhero wants to keep his identity a secret. He is the "friend of poor" and ventures out twice a week in the serenity of night and give goodies like sandwiches, burgers etc. to poor, homeless people to bring smile on their faces.
Unlike the web-spinning hero oscillating from one side of the city to another, this our real hero is highly sociable and you can actually follow him on his Twitter account or befriend him on facebook. The boy (Spider-Boy?) always liked to help poor and needy people and is a big Fan of Spiderman. So once he ventured out wearing Spiderman’s costume to help poors and was amazed by the magnified joy on their face. Rest is history!

Gotham City, the name has some magical effect on the ears. It is the city associated with the dark hero of the night, Batman! There are many things that we come to know as we grow up that we never wished to and one among them is that Gotham city does not exist on the map and Batman is a fictional character! But there is one more new: Batman is a real character and has more recently shifted to Japan, you can actually see him waiting, even for hours, in the long traffic line.
He is dubbed as "Chibatman" by curious people and press, who have seen this new age batman on the road. He also rides 3-wheeled bicycle and can be seen zipping off the highways or wedging through the narrow lanes. Unlike the fictional Gotham Hero, this Batman or "ChiBatman" has no fighting fantasies, nor is he seen in the dark of night squeaking for notorious villains. The only 2 things that reals and fictional hero share are: Costume and secrecy. Like the populace of Gotham, the people of Japan are also clueless of the identity of this real hero. This "Chibatman" is a rule obeying citizen who can often be seen waiting on the traffic signals on red lights.

He used to flex muscles even when he was not a "Superhero"! A former wrestler who was so much inspired with Superhero thing that he decided to become one. Now he patrols the streets in a 1975 corvette as a superhero and helps the stranded motorists looking for a help. He wears multiple hats as a co-founder of Team Justice Inc. a non-profit organization by the Real Life Superheroes of the US.

The Statesman

Another Superhero is also from Birmingham. Named as Statesman, he lives, well, up to his name, guarding the state (well, streets) and scampering off the bad guys while saving the innocent ones. He has a particular dislike for drugs and hates burglars. So he particularly engages himself to stop drug deals on the Birmingham Streets and prevent Burglaries using his cool gadgets that are no less than the cool gadgets carried by Superheroes. He also keeps a torch to scare off the bad guys.

Quinoa: WHolesome Goodness

Quinoa is considered as one of the World's healthiest foods and given an exalted status of "Super Grain". What's more Even the whole year of 2013 was declared as the international year of Quinoa by Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations. If you are not familiar with this super grain then you might be wondering, who is this new weird named guy and when did it entered the food industry and how did it rose to such an exalted position?
The farming of Quinoa started around 3000 to 4000 years ago. It was first recognized as food by inhabitants of Andean Region of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. Due to its nutritional values, it was considered a sacred grain by Incas and was given the name "Chisaya Mama" or mother of all grains. The Inca Emperor himself would sow the first seed of the season with his own hands and using the golden implements. But the grain lost its value over a period of time especially after the downfall of Inca following the conquest by Spain. The colonists forbade the use of Quinoa due to its extensive use in indigenous religious ceremonies and its sacred position in the society.
With the combined effect of various cooperative societies, farmer groups and supporters of organic foods, the grain has succeeded in reclaiming its exalted position that it used to enjoy a few thousand years back. It might also be interesting to know that quinoa is actually not grain but a seed and it is related to spinach family.
When harvested the seed has a coating of bitter tasting saponins that needs to be removed to make it edible and give it an agreeable taste. Its leaves are also edible and are high in various vitamins and nutrients.
There are various health effects of Quinoa as follows:
  1. ·         Quinoa contains concentrated amounts of Kaempferol- a flvaoind that is known to be very efficient in prevention or treatment of certain kinds of cancers by interrupting cell growth, induce apoptosis and hampering their ability to metastize. Due to its chemical properties it also helps to fight diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

  2. ·         Quinoa is a very good source of fiber containing up to 200% more fiber than most other grains. Not only does it help to reduce the fat by improved digestion but fiber is also known to have positive effects in reducing high blood pressure. Being a good source of soluble fiber, Quinoa helps in slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates to glucose and helps in controlling sugar levels in the blood. Soluble fiber also helps to reduce cholesterol. 

  3. ·         Quinoa is also a good source of iron thus aiding hemoglobin formation. Iron also has very positive effects on our red blood cells. Regulating body temperature, Increasing Brain Activity and aiding enzyme activity are some other health benefits.

  4. ·         Quinoa is also a good source of Magnesium that is known to have relieving effect in migraines. It has a vital role in controlling blood sugar and helps to form healthy bones and teeth.

  5. ·         With a rich content of Riboflavin(B2) intake of Quinoa can improve energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells.

  6. ·         Protein: Protein is one of the major ingredients of good health. Containing various amino acids vital for building muscles, Quinoa can undoubtedly be called an excellent source of 100% protein.

  7. ·         Quinoa also contains the varying quantities of magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and copper.

  8. ·         It improves your intestinal health by feeding the good bacteria.
  9. ·         Its easy digestion ensures the maximum absorption of various nutrients it contains.
  10. ·         Quinoa is completely gluten free.
  11. ·         Apart from being a healthy food Quinoa is also easy to cook with some simple steps (much similar to rice cooking). You can also have quinoa on your breakfast in the form of quinoa flakes.
  12. ·         Weight Loss: Intake of Quinoa also aides in weight reduction as it makes you feel full and in this way curbs appetite. Apart from that it helps to reduce "cravings". The vegan diet that is widely followed by Weight Conscious People generally lacks adequate amounts of protein. Quinoa with its 100% protein content is highly recommendable for weight loss diet.

The best way to incorporate Quinoa in your daily diet is to use it as a Breakfast. You can either choose to buy the Quinoa Flakes available in market or experiment with different quinoa recipes. You can also have it as a salad by adding beans, seeds and vegetables. Apart from that you can also add quinoa to your shakes and smoothies.
The best way is to mix quinoa with other healthy whole grains and make a delicious porridge.

Some Home Remedies for Skin Health

We often spend lavishly on various beauty enhancers that use loads of chemicals and do more harm to the skin than a bit of "instant good" like a quick glow within minutes, a little shine within few hours or softness that longs for a few weeks. These products might be okay for some quick "party presence" or a "dashing date" but their effects fade away as soon as the party ends or the dating is over. And what is left is their chemical residue with all its ill effects. But we often neglect the lasting effect of chemical free all natural more holistic ways of treating our skin and beauty that are available at our home, most of them inside the kitchen.

The benefits of these humble but miraculous beauty enhancers were overshadowed by their clever and quick and chemical counterparts but of late beauticians and dermatologists are accepting the unmatchable natural and holistic qualities of these "kitchen ingredients" in boosting the beauty.

Here are some of the ways in which these kitchen ingredients can magically enhance our beauty:

1.) Oily skin: Oily skin hides your glow and skin tone with an undesirable greasy cover. The general cause of oily skin is excessive amounts of sebum (“Fat” in Latin) produced by oil glands. Apart from causing oily skin it also gives invitation to acnes and blackheads. Ironically enough for obvious reasons, Olive Oil can be your friend in permanently washing that grease off your skin. Olive oil has exceptional qualities of absorbing the excess oil in the skin and leaving your skin moisturized and oil-free. Olive is also rich in anti oxidants thus helps in preventing acne and blackheads caused by oily skin. Just take small amount of oil and rub on your face covering the entire area. Words of advice though, please do not use the excessive amounts of oil as it will do more harm than good.

2.) Natural Moisturizer: Moisture plays a very important role in softness of your skin and gives it a pampered look. It also helps in saving your skin from blemishes by keeping the skin pores opened. Though it’s not a widely known fact, Honey has some excellent natural qualities to absorb moisture from the air and retain it. If applied on the skin it enhances the "sweetness" of your skin by adequately moisturizing it.  Its antibacterial qualities are also helpful in fighting against wounds and cuts. Its antioxidant qualities also act as a natural sun cream. Applying it isn’t difficult either. Just take a ½ teaspoon of honey and apply gently on your face without any brisk movements. Apply on the entire face with circular spiral movements. Keep it for at least 10 minutes and wash your face properly with cold water.

3.) Under Eye Circles: Eyes play a very important role in expressing our beauty statement. Who can resist mascara highlighted beautiful almond shaped eyes. But what if those eyes are naturally highlighted by dark under eye circles? It will spoil the whole beauty if the face.  But now, you don’t need to worry as all it requires is a few chamomile tea bags to get rid of these unwanted circles. They are rich source of anti-inflammatory astringents: caffeine and tanninis that help in reducing the dark circles. You just need to put two tea bags in boiling water and leave them for 7 minutes. Then refrigerate them in fridge and wait for some time till they get cool enough to be used. Take them out and put each bag on your eyes with each bag covering the entire eye. You will notice an instant relief to the eyes. It has a long term benefit of reducing those dark circles too if practiced regularly.

4.) Hair Problems: Hair always acts as an inseparable part of your overall beauty. No matter however beautiful and glowing your skin may be but your dull or thin hair may spoil the show. On the other hand, your skin might not be that great but shiny and flowing hair can get you accolades and wows throughout the party. The three main ingredients that play a decisive role in ensuring the healthy, long, silky and shiny hair are Vitamin C for moisturizer, carotene for shine and iron for strength. Indian Gooseberry or Amla is rich in all three ingredients and thus is highly recommended for improving your hair health. Amla oil is well known for its highly beneficial effects on the hair health. To take the best advantages of amla’s quality massage your scalp properly with amla oil. You can instantly feel its soothing effect on the hair. After a few weeks your hair will get enough shine to make the party "Glow" with your presence. For better results you can eat an amla every day. An amla a day keeps "bad hair" away. For stopping hairfall you need to nourish them properly with added moisturizer. Lemon can be a good option. You just need to mix the equal amounts of Amla pulp and lemon extracts and massage your scalp properly. For a deep effect slide your fingertips under the hair and onto your scalp with gentle circular movements.

5.) Pimples: Pimples are an undesirable skin condition that spoils your beautiful skin. These pesky pimples with their raised ugly heads are adamant to deprive you of any compliments for your light complexion or soft skin. Gram flour has excellent qualities of keeping the skin free of excessive fat, a condition that invites and nurtures pimples and acnes. Our very humble Gram flour can come to the rescue along with its team. Just get two teaspoon of sandalwood powder, a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoon of gram flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder for additional benefits. Put all these ingredients into a small bowl and make a paste using a teaspoon of milk. Now use this paste to apply over the face covering the entire area using gentle circular movements. Let it dry for a few minutes and finally wash it off with water. Apply this natural face mask for 1 month and you will start noticing the effects on your skin warding off these pimples and winning your skin tins of accolades.